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image of aaron siri at the podium in south carolina

ICAN Legislate’s lead attorney Aaron Siri recently testified before the South Carolina Senate’s Medical Affairs Committee where he detailed the immensely flawed and corrupt bureaucratic system that set the stage for COVID-19 vaccines.

In his presentation, Attorney Siri explained how the immunity to liability provided to vaccine manufacturers in 1986 has led to market forces that prioritize profit over safety. Clinical trials that monitor vaccine safety often last just days, compared to years for other drugs. He used the Recombivax HB vaccine as an example, which was approved by the FDA for children based on a clinical trial that monitored safety for just five days and had no control group.

On the topic of post-licensure safety monitoring, Siri discussed the controversial topic of whether or not vaccines cause autism. After sharing numerous claims and adamant statements from officials that “vaccines do not cause autism!”, he shared video clips of two depositions he conducted of two of the foremost figures in vaccine science, Dr. Stanley Plotkin and Dr. Kathleen Edwards, which reflected that the studies have not been conducted to support that vaccines do not cause autism. Siri drove home the point by noting that the lack of studies to support the claim that vaccines do not cause autism—the claimed vaccine harm “health” authorities have said they have thoroughly studied—reflects that they have not studied the over 100 other serious adverse events claimed to occur from vaccines.

Siri was asked to speak as part of the committee’s “Pandemic Preparedness Listening Session” and he had a responsive and engaged audience in the Senate. Midway through the presentation, Senator Richard J. Cash commented, “I want to try and summarize a lot of what you’ve said. Tell me if I’m getting this correct: the health authorities that you’ve presented here categorically state that vaccines do not cause autism. And yet, when they’re questioned under oath, they say clearly that there’s no evidence one way or the other from the studies to indicate whether vaccines contribute to autism.” Siri responded, “One qualifier on that: they don’t say that there’s no evidence from the studies. They’re saying there are no studies. They haven’t done them.”

As they discussed in more detail the kind of studies that could be done, including a retrospective study using existing data from healthcare providers to compare vaccinated to unvaccinated children, Senator Billy Garrett requested: “Mr. Chairman, it may be something that you could look into, to help us get the data that he is talking about specifically. I think it’s an oversight responsibility of this Senate. I think we should be able to see those data. And if their scientists don’t want to do it, then the Senate can hire scientists to look at this data. I think our people deserve it and we should do that.”

ICAN Legislate is following up with these senators and we will keep you posted on any new developments. In the meantime, please share the video of this testimony with your local legislators so that they can hear these hard-hitting truths as well!


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