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vaccine for clinical trial use

Vaccine Confidence Bill

Assures the public that an exemption exists for required vaccines that do not meet certain minimal requirements.

court house exterior

No Liability No Mandate Bill

Assures that individuals will not be mandated to receive medical products if the manufacturer of the product cannot be sued.

lab vials

Engineered Pathogen Bill

Assures that individuals will not be infected with engineered viruses and bacteria without their express consent.

Executives in a meeting

Public Health Conflicts Bill

Limits the ability of individuals employed by public health agencies to then be employed by certain pharmaceutical companies.

vaccines legislation

Lead By Example Bill

Requires elected officials to receive a vaccine before voting to require or expand the requirement for the vaccine.

parent child discussing form with doctor

Medical Exemption Bill

An act to standardize the process and procedure for obtaining a medical exemption from required immunizations.


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